TriForm Studios is a newly created studio. We are an amateur, no budget studio. Everything is out of pocket, all our crew and actors help out because they enjoy it.
We are in the process of creating a new web series that will be airing on YouTube. Subscribe to our YouTube page, "like" us on Facebook, and keep an eye out for the first episode, rising in January!


Good day everyone! How was your New Years? Ours was pretty good. 

With the New Year we are going to crack down on getting this first season finished for you guys. January 5th the second episode will be released. So keep on a look out for that one! Check out our facebook for some production photos. 

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If you haven’t seen any of our trailers or the first episode, check out our YouTube page and catch up before the fifth!

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Check this ooouuut!

Hello everyone! Here is your daily dose of zombies!

How is everyone? Need something cool to look up on YouTube? Check out our Facebook page and get all the latest information on The Dread Chronicles. TriForm Studios is working hard to make sure each episode is better than the last. Our editor is working hard to learn the new program we have, and so far it’s coming out very good! We have episode two finished, it’s release date will be around the beginning of January. It will be announced as soon as the date is set. 

So if you haven’t looked yet, go look. Before the zombies get you.